Tove Alexandersson

World Champion in four different sports

The incredible Tove Alexandersson has been ranked world number one in four different sports: Orienteering, Ski Orienteering, Ski Mountaineering and Sky Running. She has won countless of world championships and is truly one of the greatest of all time within the Orienteering community.Tove has been a part of the Silva family since 2014 and was heavily involved in the development of our orienteering compass series Arc Jet.


15-time World Champion in Orienteering
10-time World Champion in Ski Orienteering
World Champion in Sky Running
World Champion in Ski Mountaineering

tove alexandersson


What is your favorite destination in the world?
New Zeeland. An amazing place for adventures, I still have a lot to discover so I will definitely head back as soon as possible.

How often do you workout?
Approximately 600-650 hours per year or 9-12 sessions per week. Each week I have 1 restday when I’m ‘off duty’ and can just relax or travel to a new competition. My races are often during weekends. I have kept an training diary since I was 15 where I write how long each session takes, pulse zones, distance, type of session (interval, running or biking etc.) Training is all about enjoyment and creating the ultimate conditions in which to perform well in races.

How come you started with orienteering?
I come from a family of orienteeres so it was quite naturally for me to start as a child. What I love about orienteering is the great variation, it’s always new tracks and different types of terrain. You never know what to expect. I love to be out in the nature and it’s both fysically and mentally challening.

Your best career memory so far?
To run the World Championships ‘at home’ in Strömstad. Amazing terrain and tracks and it went quite for me. I had really looked forward to the race, I was nervous but also so keen.

Which one is your favorite Silva product?
The Arc Jet Compass and I always have the R-PET Dry Bag with me, it’s small, waterproof and easy to take with me everywhere.