Are you looking for a compass for outdoor life and hiking, or maybe an expedition compass for your next adventure? Since 1933, we have been developing compasses for outdoor adventures. Our outdoor compasses are designed for use in nature, in durable materials with stable needles.

The Ranger series is used by many outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers – everything from hikers and hunters to climbers. The compasses in the Expedition series on the other hand, are suitable for those who need more advanced use and have a gradient map. Both series come in several models with different properties such as a global needle and mirror (sighting compass).

Compasses for outdoor and outdoor life
Our outdoor compasses include everything from simple standard compasses and ruler compasses to advanced sighting compasses, with features such as a global needle, magnifying glass and rotatable compass housing, depending on the model.

Compasses for adventures, expedition and sighting compasses
Our adventure and expedition compasses are available in several models. Some are simple compasses that are popular with climbers, hikers and hunters. Partly advanced sighting compasses for the advanced adventurer – durable compasses with functions such as a global needle, magnifying glass and inclination map to detect avalanche risk.

Beginner compasses for hiking & scouts
Among our beginner compasses, you will find entry level compasses that meet the requirements for education in schools, youth groups and leisure orienteers. The compasses are easy to handle and are suitable for, for example, scouts, but also adult beginners.