With Silva’s 89 years of experience in compasses, we deliver boat compasses that perform at a high level and last for many years. With us you will find sailboat compasses, motorboat compasses and compasses for kayaks, canoes and smaller boats.

Boat compasses: sailboat compasses and motorboat compasses
In our wide range of marine compasses, you will find front-read boat compasses, sailboat compasses for bulkhead mounting, flush compasses and motorboat compasses designed for high speeds. With smart features such as a dual scale, three lubber lines, built-in lighting for night navigation and high heeling angles, you have everything you need for safe navigation on the lake.

Compass for kayak, canoe, dinghy
The kayak compass 58 Kayak is easily attached to the kayak with a rubber band. The universal compass 70UN is well suited for kayaks, canoes, dinghies and small boats because it can be used both as a steering compass and a hand-held bearing compass and floats.

Durability, low friction and accurate reading
Common to all our boat compasses is that they focus on:

The protective outer layer is made of transparent and scratch-resistant acrylic material that lasts year after year.

LOW FRICTIONThe combination of sapphire jewel and powerful steel minimizes the friction of the navigation needle, which provides fast and precise movements.


The gimbal system provides a stable and accurate reading – even in the most demanding conditions on the lake.