Our multi-lamps are designed for those who want a powerful headlamp that works for several activities. Common to these headlamps is that they are flexible and can be adapted to your activity. They are modular and can be moved from headbands to helmets and bicycle handlebars. There are three product series among our multi-lamps: Spectra, Exceed, Trail Speed and Cross Trail.

SPECTRA -   Extreme sports call for an extreme headlamp
Extreme sports call for an extreme headlamp. Spectra’s incredibly strong light output of 10 000 lumen turns night into day and gives you more training hours, commitment, speed, and adrenaline. Spectra comes in two models: Spectra A, designed for action-packed sports such as skiing, MTB, enduro, and snowmobile, and Spectra O for night orienteering or trail running. A headlamp that helps you push your limits.

Exceed – powerful headlamp for orienteering, skiing and MTB
Exceed is our most powerful headlamp, designed for night orienteering, skiing, mountain biking, mountaineering and other high-speed activities in technical terrain. This is a headlamp with 2300 lumens in boost mode with good burning time and both headlamp and battery are water resistant. Choose from three Exceed models with different batteries and accessories.

Trail Speed – headlamp with 1200 lumens for endurance training
Trail Speed combines powerful 1200 lumens with a compact design and lightweight battery. This is the perfect headlamp for cross-country skiers, runners, cyclists – yes, all form of endurance sports. Trail Speed has good burning time thanks to smart power saving mode and a wide headband that sits comfortably on the head. Trail Speed is available in three models with different accessories and batteries.

Cross Trail – headlamp for running, biking and cross-country skiing
Cross Trail is the ultimate headlamp for outdoor activities such as running, cycling, cross-country skiing and hiking. It has a brightness of 600 lumens and is water resistant. Cross Trail is available in two models that come with different mounts and batteries.