Here you will find smart backpack accessories and accessories for bags, backpacks, running belts and running vests. Protect your smartphone, tablet or camera in a waterproof case, keep the map dry during the kayak trip or hike in a waterproof map case. Here you will also find soft flasks and hydration bladders for your backpack or running vest.

Hydration bladder for backpack and soft flask for running vest
Hydration Reservoir is a 1-liter hydration bladder that fits the Strive Light series. The hydration bladder is insulated, and the liquid therefore stays cold for longer, and the material is durable with a self-closing nozzle. Bring a 240- or 500-ml soft flask in your running vest. These soft flasks fit your Strive Light vest and have a self-closing cork that prevents leakage.

Backpack accessories like a rain protection for backpacks
Here you will find backpack accessories that give you more flexibility when packing. By threading a Rain cover R-PET rain cover over your backpack, you ensure that the packing stays dry. The rain cover is made of 100 % recycled polyester, has low weight and is available in several sizes.

Waterproof case for smartphone, tablet and camera
Our smart waterproof cases protect your smartphone, tablet and camera from water, snow, sand and dust. The cases are made of transparent, touch-sensitive plastic so that you can use the phone, for example, without removing it from the case. 

Waterproof map case for kayaking or hiking
With our waterproof map cases, you keep the map dry during the kayak trip or hike. The cases are transparent front and back and can be attached directly to the kayak or backpack. The soft and flexible neck strap has a scale pattern and can therefore be used to measure distances on the map.