At Silva professional you will find products and headlamps for professionals. Our professional headlamps are durable and reliable with a range of smart features, all to make your everyday work easier. The headlamps can withstand external stresses and are designed for those who work outdoors.

LR2000 RC – powerful headlamp 2000 lumens
The LR2000RC is our most powerful 2000 lumen headlamp, with a boost mode of 2300 lumens and a smooth but powerful, rechargeable battery (7.0Ah). The headlamp is water and dust resistant according to IPX5.

LR1200RC – flexible headlamp 1200 lumens
The LR1200 RC is a powerful, flexible and light headlamp from Silva and has a rechargeable battery (3.5Ah). The headlamp is water and dust resistant and meets the requirements of the IPX5 standard.

LR600 RC – flexible headlamp 600 lumens
The LR600 RC is a modular and flexible headlamp that can be moved between the headband and helmet. It has a flexible 2.0Ah battery, and the headlamp and battery are water and dust resistant according to IPX5.

MR400 and MR400RC – water resistant headlamp 400 lumens

The MR400 series are robust, waterproof headlamps (IPX7) with generous battery life and several areas of application. The MR400RC comes with a rechargeable 1 Ah battery that is built into the lamp, while the MR400 is powered by 3xAAA batteries.

MR200 – waterproof headlamp 200 lumens
The MR200 is a completely waterproof headlamp (IPX7) with a robust design and long burning time. With its 200 lumens, this headlamp provides just the right amount of light for indoor work.

CR230 – waterproof, light headlamp 230 lumens
The CR230 is a lightweight headlamp that is easy to use, water resistant according to IPX5 and powered by 3 AAA batteries. As it has Silva hybrid technology, you can also use a Silva hybrid battery (1.15 Ah) which is sold separately.

Clinometer – inclinometer for vehicles

Silva Clinometer is a stable and easy-to-read inclinometer for all types of vehicles.