Among our headlamp accessories are practical brackets for headlamps so that you can move the headlamp from the headband to helmet, jacket, backpack our bicycle handlebars. Here you will also find extension cables and battery chargers for headlamps.

Headlamp bar mount – headlamp mount for bicycle handlebars
Here you will find mounts for bicycle handlebars so that you can use your headlamp as a bike lamp. Choose the mount that fits your headlamp – Exceed, Trail Speed or Cross Trail. These mounts are available in different sizes that attach to bicycle handlebars with the dimensions 22–35 mm or 25-32 mm.

Helmet Bracket – helmet mount for headlamp
Put your headlamp in a helmet mount for downhill skiing, MTB, road biking or roller skiing. You can easily stick the helmet mount for the headlamp on your bicycle helmet or ski helmet. Choose a helmet mount according to your headlamp model: Explore, Exceed, Trail Speed, Cross Trail.

Battery holder – battery holder for headlamp
With a battery holder for headlamps, the battery lies firmly on the back of your head. These headlamps mounts are available in several models that fit Silva’s Headlamp Battery 2.0Ah, Headlamp Battery 3.5Ah and Headlamp Battery 7.0Ah and the headlamps in the Exceed, Trail Speed, Cross Trail and LR series.

Headlamp Battery Charger – battery charger for headlamp
Headlamp Battery Charger is a battery charger that charges Silva’s Li-Ion batteries 4 times faster than a USB charger. This charger fits Trail Speed, Exceed and Cross Trail.

Adapter – use headlamp as power bank
With a USB Charge Adapter, you can use your headlamp battery from Silva as a power bank for your phone or camping lamp.

Headlamp with extension cords and cables
Here you’ll find extension cables for your headlamp. The Headlamp Extension Kit includes an extension cable, two cable holders and a cable holder for the back of the head so that you can place the headlamp battery in your pocket, running vest or backpack. This extension kit is suitable for batteries with a rectangular coupling such as Exceed, Trail Speed, Cross Trail and LR. There is also an extension cable for your Trail Runner Free headlamp – Trail Runner Free Extension cable.

Battery Velcro strap – Velcro strap for headlamp battery
With a Battery Velcro Strap, you can attach your headlamp battery with Velcro to the bicycle frame or handlebar.

Case for headlamp

Headlamp storage case is a case that protects your headlamp. The outside is made of harder material and the padded inside has smart pockets.