Ever since the Kjellström brothers invented the first liquid-filled compass, we at Silva have been developing products that allow you to get more out of your adventure, whether if it is on land or at sea, at home in your everyday life or on a long expedition.

Compasses for orienteering, outdoor life and adventures

For 89 years, we at Silva have been making compasses for orienteering, outdoor life, adventure and boating. With our quality compasses, you get accurate and fast navigation on land or at sea, day or night. Here you will find compasses for orienteering, outdoor life, hiking, expeditions and adventures.

Headlamps for running, orienteering, cross-country skiing and biking

Our quality headlamps are designed to give you the best experience for your activity, whether it is running, skiing, biking, hiking or camping in the dark. Here you will find multi-lamps that are designed to be used for several fast-paced activities that require powerful light. Among our outdoor lamps, you will find headlamps for outdoor activities both on land and at sea. And our running headlamps are headlamps specifically designed for running, whether you run in the city, on trails or orienteering.

Waterproof backpacks, running vests and hydration belts

With our backpacks, running vests, hydration belts, waist bags, running belts and drybags, you get everything you need during your training session, outdoor adventure or race. All our backpacks and waist bags are durable and weatherproof and have smart pockets and reflective details.

Walking poles and hiking poles

Our walking poles and hiking poles have ergonomic grips and cushioning rubber feet and help you relieve your knees during your walk or hiking trip.

Waterproof binoculars – outdoor binoculars and marine binoculars

All Silva’s binoculars are waterproof, light and flexible and help you navigate over mountains and valleys – or at sea. Here you will find outdoor binoculars in weather-resistant material and compact design, and marine binoculars that are designed for boating and, among other things, float if they end up in the water.