Gustav Bergman

Gustav Bergman


Why did you choose SILVA as a partner?SILVA has always been my preferred manufacturer of competition compasses for orienteering, as SILVA is a partner of the Swedish orienteering association and the Swedish national team, I have had close contact with both the products and the people at SILVA over the years. That makes a partnership a natural choice for! I am very happy to be part of the SILVA family!

Do you have any specific advice when it comes to working out in the dark?Find your comfort zone! I struggled for a long time to enjoy running in the dark, but after pushing my limits and getting used to it, I now find a kind of peace in running alone in the woods with only my headlamp for company!

How do you train when it's not in season?Off season means it's training season, so this part of the season means a heavy training load for me! It will be mostly running, of course, both on roads and off trail. A good mix with both training effort and running surface (and daylight...)


When do you use Spike Jet?
I use Spike Jet for everything orienteering related: training, racing, at daytime, and at night - everything from precise navigation to ski touring in the mountains. 

What do you think about Spike Jet?
Spike Jet is a comfortable compass that fits great in the hand. I never think about it when I run. It's just there - always ready to lead the way! 

To whom would you recommend it?
Spike Jet is perfect if you want a ruler compass that is small and smooth - perfect for racing! 


When do you use Spectra O? 
Spectra O is my go to headlamp during night orienteering, especially for racing. When I'm training I sometimes want to challenge myself and use a headlamp with less lumen – Spectra is so extreme it makes night orienteering easy. 

What do you think about Spectra O? 
Spectra O has everything I want in a headlamp – great light, a comfortable vest, and head mount. 

Who would you recommend Spectra O to? 
Spectra O is for people who want daylight when it is dark outside. It is as simple as that. 

How do you train during the off season?
Off season for racing means on season for training, so this part of the year means a heavy training load for me! Mostly running, of course, both on roads and off trail. A good mix in both training effort and running surface (and daylight...)

What is your best moment from the previous year from the team that you bring to the new year?
Choosing just one moment is impossible! When I think back to 2021 I try to savor every moment, and be grateful that I have the opportunity of being a professional athlete and doing what I love every day!


Gustav Bergman


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