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From beginner to expert

There are many types of compasses with different features and levels of complexity. Start with the basics, and then learn more along the way. Your new skills will take you to new places and new adventures – both bigger and safer!

At Silva we have compasses for orienteering, boating and kayaking, outdoor adventures and professional use. Our most popular compass collections are Expedition and Ranger. Both collections include a baseplate model, a global model and a mirror sighting model.


The compasses in the Silva Ranger collection have all the necessary features that you need for your outdoor adventure and they are a great choice for most people.

• Easy to handle
• Traditional baseplate compasses
• Great value picks
• Starting at 30€


The compasses in the Silva Expedition collection is for more advanced adventures and if you have experience from navigating with a compass and want more.

• Advanced level compass
• Accurate, precise & durable
• When only the best is good enough
• Starting at 50€

The standard baseplate

The most common type of compass is the baseplate compass. It is ideal for taking quick bearings and if it has a rotatable capsule you can navigate easily using the technique Silva 1-2-3. Features to look for when you are browsing for a baseplate compass is the map measuring scales – make sure that your compass has the same supported scales as your map for easier and more accurate navigation. You could also benefit from having features such as clinometer, automatic declination adjustment and magnifiers for detailed map reading.

Our most popular standard compasses are Ranger and Expedition.

The Global needle

The Earth and its magnetic zones work in mysterious ways, and to navigate accurately you need to make sure you have a compass for the place where you are at the moment. Different compasses work for different parts of the world. Hence be aware if you plan for an adventure on the other side of the world! However, at Silva we also have global compasses that works in any magnetic zone.

Our most popular global compasses are Ranger Global and Expedition Global.

Mirror-sighting for longer distances

There are also mirror sighting compasses which are great to use when you must determine direction over long distances. The mirror compass features a mirror that allows you to view the compass dial and the background at the same time. The fact that the compass dial can be seen at the same time the reference point is aligned makes mirror compasses more desirable for taking accurate bearings.

A mirror-sighting compass is at its best in open terrain where you must determine direction over long distances. With a mirror compass you can keep your eyes on the terrain and the compass at the same time thus you direction determined with the Silva 1-2-3 System will become more accurate.

Our most popular mirror-sighting compasses are Ranger S and Expedition S.

How to Navigate

Navigating with a map and a compass is as easy as 1-2-3. But there are a few things to learn before heading out.

How compasses work

Besides learning how to navigate the easy Silva 1-2-3 way it is also useful to know the basics of compasses.

Find your compass

From beginner to expert, find the compass best suited for your needs.