My passion for mountain athletics began when I was 14 and my brother introduced me to rock climbing.  At age 18 I started backcountry skiing and discovered my knack for cardio endurance sports.

Although I occasionally ran throughout my youth, I didn't become serious about it until my late twenties when I started running around my office building during lunch breaks. I entered races of various distances and eventually found that I most enjoyed ultramarathons, particularly the 100 milers.  I've run over 60 ultramarathons all over America and a few major international races.


Favorite destination in the world?
Alaska! I went on a ski expedition in Glacier Bay National Park and had so much fun.  I hope to go fly fishing there someday.

Favorite meal?
Baked salmon and veggies.

How often do you train?
About 10 -15 times per week. I always rest on Sundays.

What kind of training do you do?
I mostly run but during the winter and spring I do lots of ski touring. I also rock climb a few days per week which I think helps me run better because it strengthens my core and stretches my legs.

What do you eat to boost yourself during your training?
I'm a big fan of Spring Energy gels and drink mixes because they are much more nutritious than typical energy supplements and I can consume them all day without having stomach problems.

How do you train during the darker season?
During the winter months I sometimes ski tour before dawn and after dusk. Having a very bright headlamp and also a lamp on my waist makes skiing in the dark quite enjoyable.

What’s your favorite type of training?
An 80 minute progression run mixed with 30 to 90 second intervals.

How do you prepare yourself before a competition?
I usually start tapering about 10 days before a major race. I don't change my diet during that time. Rock climbing is a great way to stay somewhat active during race week without stressing my legs too much.

What are you best running tips?
Make sure your easy running days are truly easy and your workouts are just hard enough that you're a little faster than you were in the previous workout.  Be patient with your body as it slowly adapts to the increasing workload.

What’s the most fun race for the happy beginner?
Mountainous races that last about an hour are a great introduction to the sport.

Main merits:

  • 23 ulltramarathon wins
  • 8 other podium finishes
  • 3rd place at Western States 100 (national championship) in 2017 and 2018
  • First known person to ski off all 29 county highpoints in Utah
  • First known person to climb and ski Gannett Peak, car to cart, in one day
  • Ranked 5th best North American ultrarunner by Ultrarunning Magazine for 2017 and 8th best for 2018

Hometown: Millcreek, UT
Activity: Ultra Running, Climbing, Fishing, & Skiing
Our friend since: 2021

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