Corrine is a professinal Ultra Endurance Athlete, a coach, and a writer currently living in San Fransisco, California. Corrine has been top 10 at Western States twice, top 5 at TDS, and have the women's fastest known time on the 171+ mile Tahoe Rim Trail!



Favorite destination in the world?

I really love to travel and getting to use racing as a way to see the world, but honestly some of my favorite places are close to home (the Northern Cascade Mountains) or a place that holds special meaning to me (the Bridger Range in Montana). 


Favorite meal?

I think foods pair with seasons, right now we are eating tomatoes until we get sick for the summer, soon it will be insane soups in the cold fall and winter, and then the first greens of spring. But I’ll never ever turn down a pastry. 


How often do you train?

I train 6 days a week which includes a variety of running, skiing, cycling, strength, and climbing. 


What kind of training do you do?

My favorite days are big days in the mountains, but to perform my best I have to do all the other little things too, like speed work, and mobility sessions.


How do you train in the darker seasons? Any tips? 

Find a friend and invest in a good light! The thing that motivates me to get out the door early before the sun comes up is knowing I am meeting someone at the trail head.


What gives you energy during your training sessions?

I really like training, maybe more than racing. I think being process oriented is really helpful, finding little joys and little goals in the day to day instead of being sucked in by one big goal that looms overhead.


What is your favorite workout?

I really love hill work, be it Vo2max intervals or Threshold intervals, I love relishing that grinding gear! 


How do you charge/load before a competition when it comes to food, rest, mentally, etc.?

I have to go into races knowing that I have an emotional well to draw from. So I try to get as much sleep as possible, getting to bed earlier and staying in bed a little longer. I eat what my body wants, and I try to remind myself that the work is already done now I just need to sit back and let it sink in.


What should you think of/consider if you want to start trail running?

Don’t be afraid, getting out with friends or the community is an easy intro so look for a local community trail run or coax some friends to join in on the adventure. Start small, hike often, bring snacks! 


What are your best running tips?

Have fun! 


What do you think the best/most fun competitions are for amateurs?

Any race or event that excites you! I love a good run-vacation, getting to go explore somewhere new in and around a race/event, getting to share it with family or friends makes it all the sweeter.


Favorite activities?

Running way too far, exploring mountains on my feet (be it climbing, skiing, biking, or running), making good food and sharing it with friends, reading, writing, and playing with my dog Petey.




























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