Cody Reed has been running for almost his whole life. He has competed at the highest levels while in college, and transitioned to ultra trail running a few years after school. He's had success from the 50k to the 100 mile distances, but prefers the 100k race. Some of his notable finishes include wins at the 2016 USATF 50k trail championships, 2017 Way Too Cool 50k, two second place finishes at the Tarawera 100k, and a win at the 2019 Ultra Trail Cape Town 100k. Cody shares his knowledge of the sport and training with the athletes he coaches, and is sponsored by Under Armour, Spring Energy, Coros Watches, Drymax socks, and the world famous Squirrels Nut Butter anti-chafe. 


Favorite destination in the world?
My favorite places I have been are Cape Town, South Africa where I raced the UTCT 100k, the North Island of New Zealand where I raced Tarawera 100k, and Cortina, Italy - where I hope to race soon!

Favorite meal?
I love cooking for myself and do so almost every night. I believe a good diet is key to keeping me performing at a high level and staying injury free. I like making a whole range of foods but few of my favorite things are roasted vegetables with rice, quiches, curries, and stews. I really enjoy making desserts and some of my favorites are chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and carrot cake.

How often do you train?
I exercise 6-7 days a week.

What kind of training do you do?
I'll mostly trail run year round, but this winter (2020-2021) I have been cross training a lot on skis, both downhill and backcountry. I also like biking when I can.

What gives you energy during your training sessions?
I enjoy being active in the outdoors because it helps clear my mind. Too much inactivity for me and I start having a very hard time focusing during the day. Starting a workout is sometimes hard, but after the first few minutes, I feel more energized than before, and I know I will be glad I got out regardless of what the condition is outside.

How do you train during the darker season?
I am an afternoon/evening typer person. I like running later in the day, and this is difficult when the sun goes down so much earlier in the Winter than the Summer. During the winter, starting my run in the cold is the hardest part for me, so I'll overdress with many layers so that I am warm or even hot and comfortable on my runs and take a headlamp.

What’s your favorite type of training?
My favorite workouts recently have been long runs. Since moving to Mammoth Lakes, I have put some miles in on the John Muir Trail and it has made for some incredible runs, and now I understand the allure that this trail has. I also sometimes enjoy doing interval speed workouts on the track.

What should you think of/consider if you want to start trail running?
Don't think, just do! Maybe take some water though.

How do you prepare yourself before a competition?
In the weeks leading up to a race, when my training is peaking and I start to taper, I focus on things like getting enough sleep, eating well (especially enough), and mentally going through the course so I know what to expect at different points throughout the race and I will know what I want to pick up from aid stations..

What are you best running tips?
The best tip for becoming a better runner is to be consistent! You can slowly build up your mileage every week and month to build fitness and avoid injury. If you can be consistent and avoid injury, you will see lots of improvement over a relatively short period of time. Another good tip for running is if you're pressed for time and can't run very far, get the most out of your run by running up hill. The more vertical gain you can get the better!

What’s the most fun race for the happy beginner?
The best race I have done for beginner or amateur trail runners was Trans Rockies. It is a 6 day 120 mile stage race through Colorado. Everything from camp setup and meals are taken care of for you and all you have to worry about every day is getting from the start line to the finish line.

Favorite activities?
Other than running, my favorite activity is now skiing. I started skiing this year to cross train and build strength for running. I have been cross country, downhill, and backcountry skiing since moving to Mammoth Lakes, California in the Fall of 2020 and have been loving it. I've been building strength and getting out in the mountains when they have normally been impassable for me on foot. I can't wait to see how this affects my fitness when I race this summer.

Main merits:

  • 2016 USATF 50k Trail Championship
  • 2017 Way Too Cool 50k
  • Two second place finishes at the Tarawera 100k
  • Winner of 2019 Ultra Trail Cape Town 100k

Hometown: Danville, CA
Activity: Running, Cross Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Backcountry Skiing.
Our friend since: 2021

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