Winning the Transvulcania Ultra-Marathon has started to become a routine for Ida Nilsson, having secured her third gold medal in a row. Before an injury, she competed and won several national championship medals in athletics. In 2016, Ida won the Marathon du Mont Blanc in Chamoix, France and one year later she set a new course record in Ultravasan. In 2018, Ida won the International Skyrunning competition "Zegama-Aizkorri", strengthening her position as one of the top runners in the world.


How often do you excercise?
1 or 2 times a day.

What kind of training do you do?
Mostly skimountaineering in the winter and running in the summer.

How do you train during the darker season?
I love to train with a headlamp in the winter. When I lived in Abisko and didn’t see the sun for two months I used to take a headlamp & 
run one hour straight on the mountain, switch off the lamp and throw myself on the ground admiring the stars and northern lights, then 
when I got cold, switched the headlamp back on and ran home.

Your best energy during training sessions?
I love when there are a lot of ripe berries in the forest or on the mountain.
The only problem is that the food stops tend to be too long sometimes. :)

How do you charge/load before a competition (food, rest, mentally, etc.)?
I like to relax and train as little as possible the days before a race. I usually eat normal, the food I always like to eat. I feel that for the
big races the mental preparations come naturally with resting the body and getting excited for a race I have prepared for.

What should you think of/consider if you want to start ultra running/trail running/sky running?
Start by building a base slowly and gradually, and enjoy your training and progress.

What are your best running tips?
Consistency, variation, and a joy for running.

What do you think the best/most fun competitions for amateurs are?
All the races I’m doing are both for elites and amateurs and I think it’s important to choose a race that excites you.
I really like the Transvulcania and Zegama races if you want to experience huge cheering

Main merits:

  • 3-time Winner of the Transvulcania
  • 2018 Zegama Skyrace Winner
  • 2017 Ultravasan 2017 Winner
  • 2016 The North Face 50-mile Winner 
  • 2917 Winner
  • 3rd Place in UTMB-CCC 2018

Nationality: Swedish
Lives in: Romsdalen, Norway
Activity: Trail Running
Our friend since: 2018

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